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Finally! Help Selecting an LMS Has Arrived!

Posted by Ellen on October 28, 2009

Kudos and deep thanks to Jeff Cobb and his team at Tagoras for the significant effort they undertook in compiling, editing, and publishing their report, “Association Learning Management Systems.”

Eleven companies responded to an extensive list of questions about their systems, resulting in a report of 400+ pages that include tables, profiles, and product reviews, as well as a valuable list of questions you can use or modify as you investigate your LMS options.

How much for such a valuable report?!? With apologies to Tagoras, I’ll be frank: it’s CHEAP!! Okay, I’ll be polite: it’s VERY INEXPENSIVE.

At just $199, this report will save you bookoo bucks in equivalent time spent trying to gather the information. Do the math: let’s say you earn $20/hour. Let’s round up the report cost to $200. Now I dare you to try to get this sort of information on your own in just 10 hours.

Can’t be done. Can’t. Be. Done.

So stop reading and go buy the report. Or take a look at the overview.

Oh, did I mention the importance of having sorted out what you’ll need from an LMS, based on your elearning strategy?

Tack another $25 onto your investment and get the aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning first. That way you’ll get the best value from the Association Learning Management Systems Report.

And we sure don’t want to waste money, do we?!?

2 Responses to “Finally! Help Selecting an LMS Has Arrived!”

  1. Jeff Cobb said

    Hey Ellen – Thanks so much for the mention of the report. As you know, I’ve been talking about it for a while, and creating it involved a pretty intensive effort over several months. I agree with your assessment that it is “cheap.” The pricing consultant in me fears we’ve made it too cheap, but I know a lot of folks won’t be naturally inclined to think that when they see a $199 price tag.

    The $20 “dare” you articulate above is one good way to look at it (and, of course, most organizations are actually paying much more than $20 per hour, on a fully-loaded basis, for staff who are capable of doing this kind of research and analysis).

    Another way to look at is in relation to how much an LMS investment will cost an organization, whether directly or indirectly. Over a three year period, the investment is typically tens of thousands of dollars (see the overview Ellen mentions for more detail on this). $200 is a small fraction of that, and a very modest amount to put towards proper due diligence. And, of course, we both know that most of the corporate LMS research that is out there costs more than this – in some cases, many times more – and doesn’t touch on many details that are very important to associations.

    However you look at it, our goal is to try to make the report accessible to as many organizations as possible while also trying not to lose our proverbial shirts! Regardless of whether folks buy it, I do hope they will visit the page and download the overview. It doesn’t give the detailed profiles of vendors, of course, but it does contain some valuable information. And, of course, I fully concur that your aLearning Trail Guide is the perfect companion to the report for getting maximum value out of it! – Jeff

  2. Ellen said

    Happy to help get the word out, Jeff! Keep those great reports coming!!

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