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Judge - 2008 Brandon Hall Awards

Judge - 2008 Brandon Hall Awards

The alearning Blog is the brainchild of Ellen Behrens, who has been working in online education for seven years, association learning for more than a couple, and adult learning for more than twenty years. After working for a Web company that developed learning management systems and created custom elearning for corporate clients, Ellen escaped to the non-profit world where she led her trade association into online learning. Under her guidance, the association was able to offer its first asynchronous Web-delivered course, and its first synchronous Webinar.

Along the way, she kept looking for a group that brought together other association learning executives to share lessons learned, challenges and solutions. In addition to the corporate-focused conferences, publications, and Web sites she was already familiar with, she found a few more but those were directed to government and higher education.

No one seemed to be addressing the unique needs of non-profit trade associations. When her phone began to ring and e-mails started to find her looking for help with associations heading into online learning, she decided to create ways to share what she’s learned.

aLearning stands for Association Learning. Association eLearning to be exact.


One Response to “About the aLearning Blog”

  1. john shine said

    Hi, Ellen.

    My name is John Shine, I am the founder of a company called Kornukopia
    Kornukopia is a state of the art learning management system provided as a Software as a Service solution.

    Kornukopia is a state of the art learning management system provided as a SAAS solution, 1 of only 6 in the world. 3 of them are focused on the corporate environment, we are k-16 — only one is completely free — That one is Kornukopia!

    Why free? Kornukopia wants to become “THE” education content marketplace. Currently the education content marketplace is a scattered at best there is not a single way to publish, package, market or present education content.

    Today, many schools do not have the money or the capabilities to create a learning management system for themselves, we provide one. We want to improve upon that system and allow that system to be a educational content marketplace so that schools can get content from both free providers like teachers and other organizations as well as traditional publishers. We want to level the playing field for smaller and poorer schools to implement the systems they need.

    Expand the capabilities of our current learning management system and create on top of that system a way for educational content providers to distribute their content to anyone who uses our Learning Management System. The tools, containers, processes and systems will be provided to ALL content creators whether they are teachers or large publishers.

    Take a look! We are free and we don’t bite.

    Let’s work together to improve the world of education, contact me if you have more questions!

    Thanks, John Shine

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