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Quick Links

Posted by Ellen on June 27, 2010

You don’t have much time. Every day you field more calls and e-mails than you can count. Your To-Do list trails off the bottom of the page. Every now and then you actually get to check something off that list and it feels like a huge victory.

I know because I’ve been in your shoes, sat behind your desk, stared at your computer screen.

One of the goals of the aLearning blog is to keep an eye on the hundreds of blogs and resources and trends and ideas and developments in elearning, then summarize them here so you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

So here’s your injection of professional development, your aLearning Quick Fix… a summary of some helpful posts from out there in the blogosphere.
Tech Help

Using Articulate? Launching via a Moodle LMS? Need to pass scores, track attendance or pass other information between them? Joe Deegan at eLearning Blender offers some advice for doing just that here:

Following the cloud? Amit Gautam summarizes his take on the release of SCORM Cloud that took place June 7. Check out the conversation and links to the SCORM Cloud site to see if it might fit a (non-)LMS need you might have:


Webinar Help

Karen Hyer, Online Session Producer and coach with the eLearning Guild, offers up suggestions for producing your own Webinars in this eLearning Coach interview:


eLearning Audit Help

Lars Hyland describes what he calls IMPACT — six categories for reviewing elearning effectiveness, from Interaction to Timing. See the full description at his Lars is Learning blog:


Social Learning Ideas

Eric Davidove at Daretoshare has some thoughts on “Creating Safer Peer-to-Peer Learning Experiences at

Jeff Hurt gives you “A Blueprint for Socially Augmented Events: The Seven Stages Recap” at Midcourse Corrections:


eLearning Design Help

Cathy Moore links to a Webinar recording on using action mapping to design what she calls “lively elearning” here:

Opinions on Video Streaming of Conference Sessions

First, see Clive Shepherd’s perspective at
Then read Mark Berthelemy’s response at his Learning Conversations blog:
Opinions on Whether the LMS is Dead or Just Needs Some Fresh Air

Several elearning experts have been circling around the topic of traditional learning management systems and their need to grow into the current social learning environment… David Mallon at Bersin & Associates has a good summary of the debate (with links, if you have time, to original posts):—LMS-Edition.aspx

That should make the most of your spare minutes!!

Have links you want to share? Let us know!

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Roundup Time!

Posted by Ellen on February 12, 2010

Too many things out there of wonderful value to delay sharing… and, in the spirit of my recent posts on making the most of our time, here’s a roundup of some items you might find of interest (in no particular order:

Jane Hart’s “Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009” — many of them free. Just when you think you’ve heard of them all, you see something new and intriguing that you just have to try!

Jeff De Cagna’s “Top Ten 2010 Trends for Associations” includes not only some recurring themes, but new ones while identifying their risks and benefits.

The E-Learning 24/7 Blog’s post “Here, Data Data Data” provides some crucial questions to ask your potential vendors when considering an LMS. See nearby links on this page for more great posts from them on related LMS topics.

Lessons on Learning (LOL)’s post on “Managing Subject Matter Experts and Using Them as Learning Developers” might not sound relelvant, but substitute “volunteer facilitator,” or “member as a content leader” for “subject matter expert,” and you’ll see immediate connections. This is the first in a planned series of posts on working together with your content providers, so tune in and follow along.

Tom Kuhlman’s Rapid eLearning Blog has been on my list of regularly read blogs for awhile, and his post on “Why eLearning is So Effective” is one of the best summaries of the advantages of online learning I’ve seen. It’s as complete as I can imagine such a list being, and is succinct to boot. If you’re looking for support to get buy-in for elearning, you MUST read this blog.

One of the best resources I’ve found for delivering lots of current info across the range of elearning is Tony Karrer’s eLearningLearning site (which I get via RSS, making it much easier and faster to scan so many relevant blogs). Even so, their periodic “best” lists helps me to further hone in on the posts I might have missed. Here’s one for the Top 25 posts from the last two weeks of January.

Watch for more Roundups in the Future 🙂

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eLearning Learning Adopts aLearning!

Posted by Ellen on September 26, 2009

With many thanks to Tony Karrer, the aLearning Blog is being added to the eLearning Learning community. Not familiar with it? Check it out with a simple click in the lower right badge!

Powered by Browse My Stuff, this is a very cool aggregate of all the latest elearning information in one spot. And it aggregates a LOT! Just a few days away and there are dozens of new posts from an array of sites. The set-up makes it easy to view through Google Reader so you can quickly scroll past the items that aren’t of interest or clear all if you’re really feeling behind.

It’s hard to stay up to date on the latest when you there’s so much to keep track of. If you’re like me, I was reading about the foodservice industry  (our association’s industry), membership, training and HR devlopments, elearning, meeting and events planning, management (budgeting and all that), communications and marketing… Anything that makes getting through the morass of information faster was a welcome thing.

eLearning Learning’s feed of information will do that for you!

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