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Belated but Genuine Thanks…

Posted by Ellen on March 10, 2010

… to the folks at e-learning planet who called out the aLearning Blog as one of the best!

It’s great to be recognized and know that our mission to spread awareness about the value of alearning professionals and alearning is succeeding!

And do check out their “Planet Library,” where I found a great self-test from the BBC on “How to Spot a Fake Smile.” Maybe the TV show “Lie To Me” made me wonder how well I could distinguish a fake smile from a genuine one, and this short self-test, driven by short video clips and closing with a great summary alongside my results, was fascinating.

Probably more treasures in the Planet Library I haven’t discovered yet, so take a look, and be inspired with what others are doing to present content online in an interesting — and not necessarily expensive — way!

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