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Price Cuts!

Posted by Ellen on October 7, 2020

As relevant as ever! Enhance your association’s social media presence with effective online learning opportunities. Go beyond Webinars. Develop asynchronous online learning sessions and courses that — after they’re developed — live independently on a server, providing training 24-hours a day, 365 days each year.


Develop an online learning strategy for your association. Determine the training you most need to provide and the best method for providing it. Learn how to write and issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to attract the best qualified vendors to build your course. Track the traffic your course gets.

All of this — and more — is covered in aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning.


Print version just $14.99!

PDF version available as well for just $10. Sorry… No e-book is available due to the number of tables and other visual aids that get broken in ebook format 😦

Stay safe — and keep your association’s members safe, too!

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