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Posted by Ellen on June 4, 2011

We’re always grateful when our members volunteer to lead educational sessions and share what they’ve learned with their peers.

Sometimes we just wish we had more time to spend with them as they prepare for those sessions. We know they’ll probably rely heavily on a lecture format using PowerPoint slides as talking points. That’s not always a bad idea, but we’d feel more comfortable if they had a better understanding of adult learning and the roles of interaction and relevance in learning.

What if you had free access to a mini-course, a crash course, in adult learning?

What if that tutorial was online and you could just have your volunteers and guests access it anywhere, any time they wanted to view it?

What if you knew they didn’t need anything except Web access to take the tutorial?

You thought of the aLearning Blog, didn’t you!?

Of course you did.

Because we have just what you’re looking for, right here.

Here’s the link to the Leading Learning Events tutorial.

It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes, and it’s designed help your facilitators appreciate the ways adults learn.

Feel free to share this link with your volunteer content leaders, colleagues, and others.

Curious about how the tutorial was created? After you view the tutorial itself, check out the companion Behind the Scenes tutorial.

Not all online learning must be elaborate nor expensive to create. Sometimes a casual approach is just as effective and can save you time you probably don’t have. These tutorials aren’t launched via an LMS, but are hosted directly from a Web site. If you’re curious about how this can work for you, feel free to contact me directly.

To see the full array of aLearning Fundamentals tutorials, click here.

AND… if you’re looking for some guidelines about which types of topics lend themselves to development as casual tutorials (as opposed to professionally-created online courses), see Chapter 9 in your aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning book. (What? Don’t have a copy?!? Click the blue Lulu link on the left to find out how to get one!).

Feedback? Post it here. Thanks!

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