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Bad News for Social Learning

Posted by Ellen on February 27, 2010

A few months ago, Robert Half  Technology surveyed CIOs at for-profit companies about their social networking policies. Their results are not only striking, but essential for associations and non-profits to be aware of:

  • 54% prohibit all social networking use
  • 19% permit business use only
  • 16% permit limited personal use (“limited personal use” was not defined)
  • 10% permit permit any use of social networking

Wow! If you’re an association staffer planning to integrate social networking into your learning strategy, maybe you need to hold up at least long enough to find out what the policies are for your members.

If you’ve already incorporated Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or other social networking (or other social media options) into your alearning offerings and aren’t seeing much interaction, maybe it’s because your members are in that majority of companies that have blocked access.

We can build it, but if there’s a huge fence between what we’ve built and their ability to get to it, then we need to know about that fence.

Especially if we’re assuming they’ll be accessing their learning and interactions from their place of employment.

Especially since 54% means the odds are — at least for now — slightly against us.

3 Responses to “Bad News for Social Learning”

  1. The positive here is that it leaves a lot of potential for research opportunities. My interest is informal workplace learning with technologies.

  2. Thanks for both of the references, Ellen. I do follow Jay Cross and just bought a book of his a few days ago. I’m now following Jeff Cobb and enjoyed his post about ‘curators.’ Lookingforward to ‘seeing’ you here again soon.

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