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Trade Peanuts for Cashews

Posted by Ellen on April 5, 2011

Working for peanuts? Well, here’s the data you need to up your pay to cashews (or pecans or macadamia nuts, if you prefer).

You can thank the eLearning Guild for their annual Salary and Compensation Report for the work they did — and the fact that they included non-profits in their survey. Hooray!!

The complete report is well worth the time to read, and you should get a copy if you plan to march into your CEO or Executive Director’s office and demand a raise — which you should. This post covers the 2010 study; the 2011 report is global (rather than US national) in nature.

We know you’re overworked, understaffed, stretching your resources with extraordinary creativity and patience, and, yes, accepting those peanuts with gratitude.

If your responsibilities include elearning (they do, don’t they?!?! If not, your organization really needs to get aboard the A train!), you should be earning…

(drum roll please)

…okay, wait, it’s really not that simple.

Let’s say your a director level, have a master’s degree, six years of experience in elearning, and work for an non-profit in Washington, DC, where you oversee two others in your department.

Here’s how it works:

Start with the national average for FTE elearning professionals, which is $79,300.

Now we make a few adjustments, based on the non-profit status of the organization, educational level, experience, and location:

Non-profit: +4.8%
Washington, DC location: +20.2%
eLearning experience: +12.5%
Management oversight: +10.5%
Level of education: +3.2%

The total of these factors is 51.2%. According to this survey, you should be earning right around $120,000.

And this amount *does not* include benefits such as bonus, continuing education dollars, and tuition reimbursement, equivalent to a total of about $7541 on average. Add medical, 401K, and other options on top of that.

For the full report, go to the eLearning Guild’s Web site at and search under their research section.

Find out what you’re really worth, and see if it’s time you tossed those peanut shells and starting demanding pistachios… or walnuts… or….

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