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ABC… It’s Easier Than 1, 2, 3!

Posted by Ellen on March 2, 2011

What’s easier? Acronyms! Acronyms for elearning, that is!

If you’re confused by LMSes, LCMSes, CMSes, and all the other letters that refer to systems — letters that get thrown around as though we all should know them…

Well, aLearning can help sort it out!

“eLearning Alphabet Soup,” the newest aLearning Fundamentals tutorial, has now been posted!

As with all tutorials, it’s free, and this one has a companion “Behind the Scenes” session so you can see how it was put together.

Just click the aLearning Fundamentals image on the left to go to the launch page where you can get started.

Remember — aLearning does not collect any of your information. There’s no registration, no hoops to jump through. Just click and learn.

Makes it easy to share these resources with your members, colleagues, clients — anyone you think would find value in them.

Topics to Come:

  • Choosing an LMS
  • Robert’s Rules of Order

Book mark the site or this blog so you can check back for these updates.

Now what are you waiting for?!?

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