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MASIE Center Delivers a Daisy of a Deal

Posted by Ellen on November 10, 2010

In keeping up with our trend this week of offering newly available and FREE resources to help keep you informed and up-to-date on learning and elearning, we offer you this link to the Masie Center’s open source e-book, “Learning Perspectives,” with contributions by “40 Global Learning Leaders.”

If you’re curious about the four key elements of training within the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, this is your resource. By the way — those four elements would make strong pillars for supporting any organization!

At 148 pages, this is an excellent resource for an unbeatable price! To narrow your reading focus, Nigel Paine’s introduction highlighting some of the articles is a great place to start.
Though the focus of the book isn’t on association learning, you’ll find in its range of voices and experiences plenty of examples and expert perspectives that can inform your justification for learning or elearning initiatives — not to mention get revved up to try something or feel reassured that something that didn’t go very well for your non-profit didn’t go very well for a major corporation, too.

Many thanks to the MASIE Center for providing this great book!

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