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New! FREE aLearning Tutorials!

Posted by Ellen on November 7, 2010

An instructional designer at heart and always the advocate of DIY… I thought I would create a few stand-alone tutorials, offer them here FREE and accomplish a few things (other than keeping myself entertained by creating them):

  • Provide some useful content on elearning and face-to-face facilitation topics
  • Show you some alternatives to expensive, outsourced elearning (though there’s a place for making that investment to be sure*)
  • Give you a “behind the scenes” look at how they were created using inexpensive, easily available tools (such as PowerPoint)
  • Inspire you to create your own for your members or fellow staffers

That last one will be easy: once you take a look at one of these, you’re sure to be saying, “Hey, I can do that!”

Actually, you’ll probably be saying, “I can do WAY better than that!”

I hope you do, and that you’ll let me know what you come up with, how you’ve improved on what I’ve started here, and provide some links and ideas to the rest of aLearning’s readers!

Remember: aLearning is not interested in collecting your info or tracking scoring or any of that stuff. As you’ll see when you launch these tutorials, they are not connected to an LMS, so I won’t know who’s accessing what anyway. Please feel free to poke around and explore.

ADDED BONUS: Feel free to provide any volunteer session leaders with the link to the “Leading Learning Events” tutorial: It might be just the thing you need to start that awkward conversation about how they can improve their sessions at face-to-face events.

Without further ado — here’s the link:

If there’s a topic you’d like to see offered, drop me an e-mail and let me know: For that matter, let me know what you think in general 🙂

Learning product and service providers — before you fire off a note to me promoting your tool or system, please take a look at the tutorials first. Don’t assume something needs a solution until you’ve indeed determined there’s a problem. That said, see the note on the launch page for information.


3 Responses to “New! FREE aLearning Tutorials!”

  1. […] Ellen’s introduction to the free aLearning tutorials by Ellen on 11/07/2010 […]

  2. […] Ellen’s introduction to the free aLearning tutorials by Ellen on 11/07/2010 […]

  3. […] Ellen’s introduction to the free aLearning tutorials by Ellen on 11/07/2010 […]

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