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What State Are You In?

Posted by Ellen on October 13, 2010

Or, to ask the bigger question, What State Is Association Learning In? What are the innovations, if any, that we’re seeing across the alearning spectrum? What challenges are we facing?

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff Cobb over at Tagoras about these topics and more. He released the conversation as a series of podcasts and has now made the content available in a beautifully formatted written transcript.

Generous as ever with so much of what Tagoras offers, this transcript is available FREE. You can download the PDF file by following this link:

We welcome your comments and ideas —

What innovations might we have missed that you’re seeing?

What trends are emerging that we neglected to mention?

What challenges are you experiencing that we overlooked?

Join the conversation! Tell us what state You and Your Association are in when it comes to learning in general and elearning in particular!

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