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Help Selecting an LMS

Posted by Ellen on August 3, 2010

I missed the recent offering of this Webinar from Brandon Hall Research (and I suspect that it will cover their online database that allows subscribers to compare systems), but it might be exactly the information and resource you need if you’re in the hunt for a new LMS.

The next session is scheduled for September 15, 2-3 p.m. Eastern Time. Here’s the blurb from BH:

Learning Management Systems: Trends & Issues with Tom Werner and Richard Nantel. This presentation will help answer the following questions: What have been the recent trends in learning management systems? Where will these trends lead? And what are some of the issues that LMS vendors and users face today? (Sponsored by Outstart). Read more and register:;

And another session I’m hoping to attend. It’s scheduled for August 31, 1-2 pm Eastern Time. Here’s the BH description and a link for more info and to register:

Collaborative Learning & Collective Intelligence with Gary Woodill. The presentation is based on a series of four research reports on computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) that Gary produced in the past year and will include foundational concepts, case studies, key resources, software tools, and a summary of the research on the effectiveness of collaborative learning. The presentation will include a question and answer period at the end. Join Gary and other participants in getting ahead of the curve on this important emerging topic in learning and development. (Sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand). Read more and register:;

2 Responses to “Help Selecting an LMS”

  1. Adam said

    Learnopia [ ] is another good and simple LMS. It’s more of an online learning community. You can create your own courses for free. If you want to charge for your course they will take a piece.

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