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Converting Twitter Feeds into Daily eNewsletter

Posted by Ellen on July 22, 2010

Have you heard of this? Seen it? Very cool… will convert the articles, videos, and other referenced resources from Twitter feed into a neat daily enewsletter. Here’s the #assnchat enewsletter:

Maybe this provides an alternative for your members who don’t want to follow the confusing, fast flow of Tweets.

Also a nifty way to create a daily enewsletter: choose links to Tweet based on the enewsletter you want to create on the other end. Slick, eh?!?

Check it out.

6 Responses to “Converting Twitter Feeds into Daily eNewsletter”

  1. hollymacdonald said

    It is cool, isn’t it? I have suggested it for some of my clients, as well. I might also suggest it to a couple of the associations I belong to and/or support. I’ll check yours out, too. I have created my own badge for my blog: took a screenshot and then just created a link through it to my daily.

  2. Jeff Hurt said

    It is a cool tool. The unfortunate thing is that it is not an accurate reflection of a 24 hour period. It pulls information from a two or three hour window so it misses things.

    I also like my iPad Flipbook app that takes tweets from specific streams and creates a digital type magazine of tweets and Facebook posts. It’s really, really cool. Of course like the, it doesn’t pull everything. Only some items.

    • Ellen said

      Jeff — Thanks for stopping by! And for mentioning the iPad Flipbook app 🙂 The more toys, the more fun we can have, eh?!? Do you think tools like the iPad and mobile phones and Kindles coerce us into working more hours than we should be?!? Just curious what you think….

      • Jeff Hurt said

        I find that I read blogs, books and my FB after normal biz work hours anyway. So, my iPad is just a new tool for reading for me. I’ve also had a relative in the hospital lately and found the iPad a great tool for reading, watching a movie or playing a game while my loved one slept.

      • Ellen said

        As long as you’re not working too much overtime, just because you can 🙂 I worry that all of these tools/toys — fun though they can be — pull us away from the things that really need to matter in our lives. Sounds like you’ve found a good balance Jeff!

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