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Free LMS Comparison Template

Posted by Ellen on May 22, 2010

You can thank Craig Weiss at the E-Learning 24/7 blog for this great tool — he’s created an easily adaptable Excel sheet for comparing various LMS products and their features.

His blog post explaining the sections and using the sheet are here.

If you’re not using a matrix or comparison sheet of some sort, you should be. As Craig says, you need to be able to compare apples to apples or you won’t be able to make a fair choice, and could end up getting lured by some fancy-shmancy feature set you don’t need, probably won’t use, and will cost you extra buckolahs.

So use his or adapt it completely for your own project, but for heaven’s sake, use something!!

2 Responses to “Free LMS Comparison Template”

  1. pk said

    link doesn’t work

  2. Ellen said

    PK – So sorry about the outdated link. Craig Weiss changed his URL and I failed to update it here. You should be able to get to this post here:

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