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Whose Future Are You Using?

Posted by Ellen on December 14, 2009

According to the folks over at SIGNATURE i, there are at least four different ways to think about the future, and effective strategic planning relies on how you handle each of them.

Hmmm! I love this idea.

In their blog post, “Four Views to Improve Our Understanding of the Future,” they describe used, disowned, alternative, and preferred futures.

Though there’s a lot of value in stealing someone else’s future — successful organizations have a particular view of what’s coming that’s worked for them, after all — there are pitfalls to dropping into lock-step with an organization that might not be a good model. In other words, your path from good to great might not be the same as another organization’s path, especially if they’re moving toward a different vision than you are.

Has your current vision of the future meant re-prioritizing has left important goals behind? Maybe your association had kicked elearning around as a possibility some time ago, then buried it, only to dig it back up when travel budgets tanked.

How do *you* see the future? How does this vision of the future drive your strategy? 

Are you using your own future?

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