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LMS Selection Processes on Display

Posted by Ellen on October 12, 2009

How have various universities selected the course management systems (CMS) or learning management systems (LMS) they are now using?

What processes did they follow? What criteria did they use?

How did they involve the eventual users in the evaluation process?

If your organization follows — or is considering — the university model for providing synchronous, instructor-led online educational events, you should take a look at Mark Smithers’ Learning and Educational Technology in Higher Education blog. He recently posted brief summaries and links to the original documentation. Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard Vista, Angel, and Desire2Learn are among the systems included.

You might also find it interesting to see that the minimum amount of time a university team spent on such a process was about nine months, with several taking a year or more.

Since his original post, several readers have submitted comments with links to additional online documentation. Read away!

Just keep in mind that these processes and outcomes might not be a match for your organization, as these are large universities, well-funded (they might disagree, but compared to a small non-profit budget, they are swimming in money), and have internal staffing to support the sorts of systems that small organizations probably couldn’t maintain.

Even so, it’s worth a look to see what they decided to evaluate and how they organized their review process.

So far, I haven’t found similar resources for associations, so if you’re willing to share your association’s process for selecting a CMS/LMS and your outcome, or if you know of a summary of such information — send the info along!

2 Responses to “LMS Selection Processes on Display”

  1. Yes, I need some information about LMS comparison for my coursework

  2. Ellen said

    Taufik — You’ll find this resource to be very helpful, even as a starting point for more in-depth research.

    Are you aware of the upcoming release from Tagoras, which will focus on LMSs used by associations? It promises to be a great summary! I’ll post more details when I get them from Tagoras.

    And please share any other resources that you’ve found in your research, Taufik! We’d love to hear about them.

    Thanks for reading the aLearning Blog!

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