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Help with eLearning at Bargain Prices

Posted by Ellen on August 29, 2009

When you’re considering venturing into elearning for the first time or expanding your offerings, you’re always looking at an investment. And as a responsible steward of your association’s budget, you want to make sure your investments are sound and your justifications for those expenditures are solid.

If they’re not, the board of directors will never approve them, right? And even if they did, you’d toss and turn at night, wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Two new resources are now available to help you!

Tagoras has just released a condensed version of its Association E-learning: State of the Sector report. In 61 pages you’ll get the key data from a survey of nearly 500 trade and professional associations about their e-learning activities. Available at just $99, this sort of research at this price is unheard of — and aLearning commends Tagoras for their willingness to make their study available at a more affordable cost without loss of value.

What does the report mean to you? Benchmarking. Examples. Contacts. Case studies.

More than that, you’ll discover what your options are. You probably have more elearning possibilities than you think. Options are everything. Examples and a proven track record to support them are priceless.

Follow this link to order your copy:

And for guidance on what to do with those options — how to fit elearning effectively into a full education curriculum and create an elearning strategy, you of course need to get a copy of (warning: shameless plug ahead) aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning. At just $25 for a downloadable copy or $35 (plus shipping) for a printed version, you won’t find another resource as packed with examples and how-to information on this topic anywhere.

To learn more about the book or to order your copy of aLearning, just click the blue and orange “Buy Now – Lulu” button on the left.

Together the two resources will cost you less than $140 — a small price to pay when you’re considering spending thousands in software, hardware, consulting, and other services and products.

Go into the process of building your elearning program as informed as you can be. Build credibility for yourself and support for your initiative. Don’t wait.

2 Responses to “Help with eLearning at Bargain Prices”

  1. Jeff Cobb said

    Ellen – Many thanks for the mention – and even more for laying out so clearly why these are valuable resources. To help make them an even better value, we’ve set up a code at Tagoras to give aLearning readers $35 off the Association E-learning Report – and we recommend you use those savings to buy Ellen’s book! Just enter “alearning” (without the quotes) once you enter the shopping cart, then click “update cart” and the discount will be applied. – Jeff

  2. Ellen said

    Jeff — What a generous offer to those who purchase aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning! This is an excellent opportunity for those who’ve been eyeing these resources to take action! Thank you!! — Ellen

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