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aLearning Trail Guide is NOW AVAILABLE!

Posted by Ellen on June 5, 2009

And for not a huge investment, either…!

After months of writing and weeks of editing and printing, the book is now available in print and downloadable editions through

Here’s the most important thing to know about this book: it’s about elearning in ASSOCIATIONS, not corporations. And it focuses on associations operating with a small staff — we don’t have a slew of internal graphics or Web people, so how do we handle the requirements of online learning? This book discusses ways to do just that.

And it’s affordable. Some people said, “You could charge a hundred bucks for that book, Ellen!” And sure enough, a book of this size – nearly 300 pages, chockfull of charts, activities, and other ways to get you to move from what you’re reading to what you need to get done — is probably worth more than the sticker price. But I know about budgets — tight ones and that — and wanted to price the book so it would be affordable for just about any association. Get a print copy for $35 plus postage and handling, or download it for just $25 (the green alternative, too).

Curious to see what’s covered? Here’s the Table of Contents as a preview:

INTRODUCTION:  WHY A STRATEGY? WHY A TRAIL GUIDE?                                       


1.             Trail Signs:  E-Learning Basics and Choices                                                                

2.             Trail Gear:  Technology Basics                                                                                   

3.             The Topography of eLearning                                                                                      

PART TWO:  CHOOSING THE TRAIL                                                                                  

4.             Strategic Alignment, Mission, and Purpose                                                                  

5.             Needs Assessment                                                                                                    

6.             Environmental Scans                                                                                                  

7.             Narrowing the Choices                                                                                              

8.             Mapping Content to Delivery                                                                                      

9.             Deciding Which Direction to Go: Development Methods                                              

10.          Checking Your Compass on Learning 2.0                                                                    

11.          Who’s on the Team? And What Are They Supposed to Do, Anyway?                          

12.          Marketing                                                                                                                 

13.          Estimating the Budget                                                                                                

 PART THREE: HIKING THE TRAIL                                                                                      

14.          Writing the eLearning Strategy                                                                                   

15.          Getting Buy-In                                                                                                           

16.          View from the Summit: RFPs, Legalities, and Other Necessities                                   

17.          Evaluating the Program                                                                                              

 CONCLUSION: Just the Beginning                                                                                           


A.            Examples of Asynchronous Courses                                                                           

B.            Sample Budgets: APFI Case Study        

For more information, including how to order, click here.

If there’s something the book doesn’t cover in the detail you need — drop me a line or make a comment here in the blog, and I’ll gladly provide additional information.

And please, if you see something in the book you disagree with, or have done things differently that worked better, please, please, send a comment and share your discoveries and successes! I might be a loud voice in the alearning world, but I know I’m not the only one that should be heard.

Looking forward to hearing Your Voice 🙂

2 Responses to “aLearning Trail Guide is NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. Hi Ellen:
    Congratulations! Just downloaded your book and I am very excited to read it! Thanks for helping Associations learn about eLearning. Jon

  2. Ellen said

    Thanks, Jon! Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about it — or — even better — post your questions here so everyone can benefit! And of course, if you have other ways you have approached challenges, we’d love to hear your story as well. Posting here will allow the book to become the start of a bigger conversation — rather than THE final word on the subject 🙂

    Thanks again!!

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