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Check These Out…

Posted by Ellen on February 14, 2009

Wayyy behind on my reading (again, of course)… so while I catch up on that, here are some great blog posts to check out:

Why less is more, by Cathy Moore; note that this holds true ESPECIALLY for elearning :

The Famous Self-Educated, by Jeff Cobb:

How much did K-12’s factory-style education blow the curiosity right out of you? Thoughts on curiosity at  Get Me Jamie Notter’s post on Curiosity (and Jeff De Cagna’s comment) are worth a look.

What if you decided to categorize all the niche sites for social media?!? Here’s an effort to do just that:

Looking for a low-cost LMS? Check out Tony Karrer’s post on his eLearning Technology blog:

And some actual suggestions about using Twitter for elearning, from Jeanne Meister’s New Learning Playbook blog:

So much to learn… so little time!

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