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The Big Question

Posted by Ellen on December 14, 2008


The Learning Circuits Blog posed the question: What Did You Learn About Learning in 2008?

I have to add my voice to those who have responded already by saying it’s hard to pick — there are so many things I have learned in the last year, it’s hard to pick just one.

But I’ll try.

One thing that comes to mind is what a relief it is to finally put aside the question of the effectiveness of e-learning (see my post “Final Answer on Online Learning Effectiveness”). Being able to point to a sound resource that states the facts helps every time we need to justify additional or new expenditures, and having this summary contributes to that.

We know online learning is as effective as live, classroom learning — that’s precisely what online learning instructional designers and developers have been working toward since the industry started, and we’ve known all along how viable e-learning is.

But “Because I said so” and “Trust me on this” aren’t phrases anyone wants to see in a business plan. And in the world of associations, where our members rely on us to be responsible stewards of their dues, sponsorship and other donations, having the data, the research, the expert report to point to goes a long way.

What did YOU learn this year about online learning?!??

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