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Final Answer on Online Learning Effectiveness

Posted by Ellen on December 6, 2008

The current issue of Educause Quarterly (No.4, 2008) is stuffed with great articles focusing on online learning and knowledge management.  Especially good to see is yet another definitive statement about the effectiveness of e-learning:

“…a review of 355 comparative studies reveals no significant difference in learning outcomes, commonly measured as grades or exam results, between traditional and e-learning modes of delivery.” So writes Stefan Hrastinski in “Asynchronous & Synchronous E-Learning” (p 51).

Those of us in the elearning world know that effective instructional design makes all the difference, that when an online educational offering is well-designed and presented, learning occurs.


End of debate.

And with more and more travel budgets affecting our members’ ability to travel to live events, providing online learning could be the lifeline for our educational programs.

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  1. […] a relief it is to finally put aside the question of the effectiveness of e-learning (see my post “Final Answer on Online Learning Effectiveness”). Being able to point to a sound resource that states the facts helps every time we need to justify […]

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