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Posted by Ellen on September 28, 2008

You’ve seen the argument all over the place — including here — that online learning is “green.” Now you can calculate just how much CO2 your classroom training generates and — even better — how much you’d save by taking your classroom training online.

Check it out at

More? Okay.

In the article “Going Green: Are You Ready?” in the September/October 2008 issue of Elearning! Silke Fleischer offers these links and a table showing one example of the cost classroom learning can exact on the environment. If the course were online, Fleischer writes, “it not only saves about 1200 tons of CO2, but also more than $1 million in travel cost alone.”

Who could argue with that?!?

How many of your association members travel to learning events each year? Nationally? Regionally? Locally? What if you moved JUST ONE of those programs online? What savings would you — and your members — experience as a result?

More than that, what would you be giving back to the environment?!?!?

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