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With apologies for the delay….

Posted by Ellen on June 29, 2008

I’m working on the second free, cool, course authoring option, and while so far I’m still thrilled with what I’ve found, I’m experiencing some issues with my own FTP. That’s what’s delayed my post on it, and will delay it for awhile.

Our annual conference is coming up next week, so posts will be even less frequent.

The good news? We’re offering a pre-conference workshop on using Web 2.0 tools (we didn’t call it that, of course) and calling it a peer-to-peer workshop intended to help familiarize people with the options and give them a chance to play and learn.

The bad news? Hotel fees for internet connections are out of this world. And the companies that stand to gain the most exposure are also most reluctant to provide sponsorship.

Even so, our attendance numbers are decent and I’m confident we’ll provide a great workshop to our members. And those who have signed up are looking forward to finding out — at last — what a wiki is, and what blogs can really do for them, among other things.

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