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FREE Online Learning Platform and Course Builder

Posted by Ellen on June 15, 2008

Free and low-cost online learning authoring options don’t have a lot of pizzazz to them, but they can get the job done when well-fitted to what’s needed (see Worth Much More than the Admission Price for more on this).

I’ve been investigating a few and the first one is ready for show and tell: MyiCourse. If you think of MyiCourse as a platform where anyone can register and take or create basic online courses, then you get the concept. Add “free” to this mix and you get the full picture.

Everyone must register with the MyiCourse site to do more than just see what the site is about. It’s a simple, painless process. After you have activated your registration (watch your spam box for the confirmation e-mail, which is where mine landed), take a look at the course catalog. Not much is available at this writing, but you will see that some options are free and others have fees. Review the FAQ if you’re interested in a broad overview of MyiCourse.

To see the example I’ve posted:

  1. Complete the registration process and activation process.
  2. Click the upper right LOGIN option.
  3. When you see the search field box, type in “elearning” or “online learning” and you should get the description of the “eLearning Options” course within the “alearning college.” You’ll see there’s no cost to this course.
  4. Click the “Enroll” option.
  5. Click the “My Enrolled Courses” from the left menu. You’ll see a list of all the courses you are enrolled in and can click any of the course titles to access the course.

If you walk through my example course, you’ll notice that it’s a basic “page-turner.” In this case, I modified the original Powerpoint used for some experiments with other authoring tools, and uploaded the slides as images. The course could use space on the right as text with images on the right. I could also add (and might someday) audio or visual pieces to the tutorial.

As an admin, you can add your own logo (you can see the “aLearning Blog” logo I uploaded), your own images, charts, etc. The platform has an embedded image file so your images are stored within the MyiCourse system rather than the course “reading back” to some file on your own computer.

You can choose to charge money for the course, sell the banner ad space, make your course/tutorial available to others in their colleges within MyiCourse, and do other stuff I’m sure I haven’t discovered yet.

If you’re looking for a fast and free way to get simple content online for your members, staff, or others, MyiCourse is fairly easy to learn.

But as you can probably tell, it’s not the easiest way to get your members TO your content (all that registration and finding your course might lose some folks along the way).

If you’ve used MyiCourse, let us know about your experience with it.

Have fun and remember to wear that helmet if it’s a test drive 🙂


2 Responses to “FREE Online Learning Platform and Course Builder”

  1. Prashanth said

    Hi There,

    Upon login to myicourse admin page, i tried to create a course but unfortuntaley i am not able to see “The LCMS” editor, i can only just type the plain text, but cannot upload pictures and files.

  2. Ellen said

    Prashanth — That’s odd… maybe the college needed a bit of time to compile your membership first. Here’s a link to the MyiCourse tutorials page, which has lots of help for getting started in creating a course of your own:

    Good luck!

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