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Even More aLearning Survey Results

Posted by Ellen on January 20, 2008

Online Learning Plans for 2008

What are the responding organizations planning for online learning in 2008?  A large majority (73%) said they will offer more online courses/events in 2008 than they did in 2007.  Other respondents were unsure or anticipating offering the same number as the previous year. 

It seems that most organizationscontinue to move forward with online learning once they venture into it.  In some cases, associations are stepping back to assess their level of success before investing any further, but most noted a high degree of satisfaction with their online initiative.  In a few cases, respondents noted that their education staff had been expanded to provide additional in-house assistance with their online and general education offerings.  Another noted that increased affordability of offering online learning is leading their association to increase their offerings in the next year.


Most organizations opted not to provide specific financial information, some noting that their structure makes a simple response difficult, while others noted that education does not have a distinct budget within their association.  From the data received, no support could even be found to support an assumption that large organizations (10,000 members or more, in this case) have larger education budgets. 

What could be extrapolated from the numbers provided was an idea of how much of an education budget is dedicated to online learning — anywhere from 2-13%.  About half of the respondents said their 2008 online learning budget would remain about the same and about half said they would be increasing their online budget.  No one responded that they expected a drop in allocations for e-learning.


Most organizations recognize the importance of invtesting in online education but are designating only modest portions of their overall education budgets to this segment.  The survey did not probe for reasons, but general survey comments suggest that because live offerings — which are more expensive to provide than online courses — are still offered more frequently than online programs, more of the education budget must be devoted to them. 

The trend, however, is clear: online learning is not going away, and in some cases associations plan to not only offer more e-learning, but to devote more of their staff and dollars to pay for it.

Are these results in line with what your association is planning for 2008?  Are you getting the funding you need to implement your online learning strategy?

Next time…. what are associations doing in-house, and what are they outsourcing, when it comes to elearning?  And some final conclusions.

2 Responses to “Even More aLearning Survey Results”

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Ellen said

    Thanks, Allen! Glad you find value in these posts!

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