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Posted by Ellen on January 13, 2008

Who’s Offering Online Learning, and What Types Are Being Offered?

In the 12 months previous to the survey, 54% of responding organizations said they offered 3-4 synchronous events, including Webinars.  18% offered one, and about half that many offered 5-11 or more. 

While synchronous events on a quarterly basis or so seems the norm among this group, asynchronous options were offered by far fewer respondents, nearly half (46%) of whom said they did not offer asynchronous programs at all in the previous year.  Of the associations offering them, all said they were offering two or more, with one organization reporting they offered more than one per month.  Most of the organizations offering four or more asynchronous events per year noted that these were always or nearly always archived/recorded versions of events that were originally presented live.

Even fewer responding organizations offered blended options (about 28%); all who said they offer them serve 10,000 or more individual members. 


Although these results suggest synchronous Webinars and asynchronous archiving of them are becoming mainstream practices in the area of online learning within associations, asynchronous courses that are not archived/recorded Webinars and blended learning are largely untapped options within these associations.  That the larger associations are offering blended learning supports the idea that a larger staff and infrastructure better lend themselves to offering a variety of learning events, online or not. 

What About Your Association?

Where does your association fall in this data? Are you in the mainstream, or venturing out? Is offering asynchronous or blended learning a challenge? What barriers are you facing?

Next Time…

What are the responding organizations planning for the next few years?  Are they planning more online learning? Less? Larger budgets to accommodate those plans? Or will they have to balance an expanding number of online offerings with the same budget?

Note: Any gap in blog entries over the next few weeks is due to association-related travel. 

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