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Ready, Set, Go!

Posted by Ellen on September 1, 2007

A few entries ago I promised some quick assist when you’re suddenly thrown the task of staring an online learning program.  I haven’t forgotten that promise!

As I started to formulate my response, a slew of ideas came raining down on me like hail: “Oh! I need to remember to tell everyone about strategy…. No, wait! They’ll need to start with a needs assessment!…. Forget needs assessment — what if they’ve just been handed the first course or topic and told to make it happen?!?….”

The fact is that we all start at different places in the process.  And because people to me with questions and problems, that’s probably the best way to tackle it here.  Lots of Web and hard copy resources exist, and I’ll steer you to those rather than repeat here what you can find elsewhere.  If you follow links but don’t find what you’re looking for there, let me know.  And of course if you have resources that answer these questions and address these problems with better or different solutions, share what you’ve learned through the comment section.

Watch for the next entry with the first question I usually get when my phone rings or my e-mail Inbox signal goes off….

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