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Posted by Ellen on March 3, 2007

It wasn’t the first time I have presented at a national conference in front of colleagues and experts, but it was the first time I experienced a Huge A-HA moment smack in the front of the room.

In February, three colleagues from ASAE and The Center (the “association for associations” and ASHA (American Speech Hearing and Language Association) and I tackled the complicated topic of asynchronous online learning at the annual ASAE and The Center’s Technology Conference.

Say “asynchronous online learning” three times very fast and you’ll experience a challenge akin to trying to explain what it is and how it has worked effectively for our three organizations.

If you’ve ever had an “a-ha!” moment at a conference, then you’ll know how happy I was to experience the notion of a complete revelation — smack in the middle of our 90-minute session.  Happy and distraught.

Distraught because I wanted to kick myself (yes, right there in front of 50 note-taking, question-asking attendees) for not seeing things so cleary when we planned our presentation:

We had three very different approaches to asynchronous learning.

And they all work.

What are the three primary ways asynchronous learning is developed and deployed?  Which one is used most often (or so it seems) in the association world?

We’ll taxi that topic to the runway in the next entry.

Till then, be safe and may all of your flights be on time and without turbulence.

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